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Aunt Joan’s Amaretto Slush

This is a wonderful summer beverage recipe from my great Aunt Joan. Along with hosting Thanksgiving every year, she often invited my family to summer barbecues and would serve this refreshing beverage.
2 Hours 10 Minutes Prep


In 3-quart container with lid (like Tupperware), stir in everything except soda. Cover and freeze until firm.
To serve, partially thaw until slushy. Pour equal parts of slush and soda into glasses. Serve immediately.


1-12 ouncecan frozen orange juice concentrate
1-12 ouncecan frozen lemonade concentrate
2 cupsstrong tea (4 tsp instant dissolved in water)
2 cupsamaretto liqueur
7 cupswater
1-1/2 cupssugar
Two 2-literbottles of lemon-lime soda, chilled
Red food coloring

Tips for this Recipe

  • The tea and Amaretto tend to give the slush a brown-ish color. To give it more pizazz, I add a few drops of food color to transform it into a refreshing shade of blush — or bashful.  

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