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Snicker Salad

This creamy, sweet Snickers salad with crisp apple crunch is a real people-pleaser, making it perfect to bring to potlucks, barbecues and family gatherings.
15 Minutes Prep


In a large bowl, mix up the pudding using the 1 cup of milk. Stir in thawed Cool Whip.
Add the Snickers then the apples. Pop it into the fridge and chill before serving.


1 tubCool Whip, thawed
1 largebox (3.4 ounce) vanilla instant pudding
1 cupmilk (for the pudding)
3 full-sizeSnicker candy bars, cut into small chunks
4 medium-sizeGranny Smith apples, cut up into small bite-size chunks

Tips for this Recipe

  • Cut the apples AFTER you have mixed the other ingredients so that they don’t turn brown before you add them.

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