Bryan Norman

The only honest reason you are on this particular page is to discover a bit more about the author of this blog without having to resort to Google (I’m so new to this, I probably wouldn’t even appear in a search). 

Here’s where I’ll begin: I obtained my graduate degree at the end of 1993 and two months later, moved to Detroit, Michigan to begin my first real job at an advertising agency. It wasn’t glamorous. In fact, I was little more than a glorified gopher, but I didn’t mind. I was young, driven and ambitious. And most of all, I had loved cars since I was kid, so I was thrilled to work on an automotive account. I eventually transitioned to copywriting, and I spent the better part of two decades in this role at various agencies.

Sometimes, however, life has a different plan, and you realize it’s time to make a change. Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. For the most part, they were fun, fulfilling & fueled my passion for cars. And it introduced me to some wonderful people I now consider family. But it wasn’t satisfying any longer. I was burned out. I had always loved cooking and tinkering with recipes, so I thought: why not combine my love of writing with my love of food? So, there you have it: my blog was born. Outside of food, my other true loves: classic car shows, the gym and giving back to my community.  

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this site as I did creating it. Thanks for stopping by.

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